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Why Convert PDF to JPG?

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    If PDF is such a portable format, why do many of our customers want to be able to convert PDF to JEPG? One great reason is that it makes your document much easier to view over the web. Your browser automatically views JPEG images, whereas Adobe acrobat has to be installed.

    When offering documents to a large public user base, companies do not want to get involved with supporting many different operating systems and applications. JPEG has been supported within browsers for at least 10 years so it is a very safe bet, unlike any other.

    Additionally, viewing JPEG images within a browser doesn't require the start of a plugin such as Adobe Acrobat embedded within a browser - saving valuable time for users. As all of us have experienced, even on a fast system, starting up Adobe takes a while, whereas viewing a JPEG is effectively instantaneous.

    Imagine the time savings that a company, such as a mortgage or insurance company, would realize in its customer service department if files could be viewed more rapidly. There are other options as well, such as using a commercial web viewer to view all of your documents through a standard web browser, eliminating the need for the creator application - and in the same environment you can retrieve, view and annotate documents and images.

    Also, if you have a multipage PDF file such as an account statement or prospectus, even with Adobe installed, the entire file has to be downloaded before the first page can be viewed. For speed and efficiency, it is often better to split up multi-page PDF documents to single page JPEGs and stream them one at a time to the browser. Your users see their pages much more quickly this way.

    There are many PDF to JPG converters out there, our PDF to JPG Converter Free included. However, hardly any of them provide the PDF conversion for FREE like we do. This is a solution worth every bit of your time, effort & attention.


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